SEO Services That Lead to Results


Do you crave the oodles of visitors that will buy your products and services when you get on the front page of Google through effective SEO in Malaysia? Unfortunately, there are a ton of scammers out there. Have you ever encountered a vendor like that before? They fall on two sides of the coin. You get the cheap-as-dirt service from India that you find as spam in your inbox…

…Or you find local Malaysia SEO services’ vendors that charge you an arm and a leg.

Either way, the results are the same: Wasted money and zero results.

And don’t get me started on giving it a shot on your own. With the latest Google Penguin update, you need an army of link-builders to ensure you gain and even keep your search engine rankings. Plus, Google is unpredictable — and you can become a victim to its latest whims and fancy.


Frankly, SEO can be brutal.

Now, Google even penalizes you for “over optimizing” your website!

Well, have no fear because SpurPress is here.

Utilizing SEM best practices and 100% white hat SEO strategies, our satisfied clients include the iProperty group of companies, Healthy Eating Magazine and other international sites. Simply put, Google loves us and we want to spread this favor and search engine love. Come and join the elite circle of Google Front Pagers now.


Our MVP-Optimized SEO in Malaysia services include:

  • Our secret brand of keyword research only used by the top US SEM firms, so that you get the most lucrative keywords while cutting away all the fluff.
  • On-site optimization strategies used by the biggest authority sites on the net.
  • Be astonished by how quick your website goes up the search rankings, courtesy of our “Blitz” off-site optimization process.
  • And much, much more!