Social Media

Social media has emerged to become the most powerful and most influential platform in the digital age. It is everywhere. For marketers, entrepreneurs, and consumers; social media is a gold mine waiting to be dug.
SpurPress has learned to harness the power of social media and developed our very own strategies to help our clients maximize cost-effective ratios from the major social media platforms.

Awesome Presence Program (APP)

The APP Process is a thorough social media and content marketing strategy where every step taken has goals and objectives attached to ensure they are within the qualitative and quantitative standards of the industry.
Here are some of the steps included in our APP
• Get to know your market with the Psychic Worksheet
• Create content based on those insights -namely infographics, videos and ads
• Syndicate them on social media -and BEYOND
• Boost them with advertising
• Test out the Conversions
• Objective evaluation of conducted strategies

You can choose among our awesome packages which one is suitable for your needs.

Our Packages:

Initial One-Time Setup (1 Month)
Gold, Diamond, Platinum
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