It’s not everyday you get an iPad App that can change the way you promote a business. But now, there’s finally one that may be able to do just that. Adobe Voice has now been released in the Apple App Store. And I believe it’s the ultimate killer app for business Here’s 7 explosive secrets to unleash its potential.

1)  Explainer Videos

This is the most immediate use. Explainer videos have taken the world by storm because it’s the quickest, easiest way to explain any product or service in under 3 minutes. Unfortunately, the cost to create one can be prohibitive. Adobe Voice does the same thing for free.

2) Straight Up Promotions

We all need to promote our product or service. After all, we need to eat. With the app, you can pitch your product or service in a form that makes it look professional and expensive

3) Video Walkthroughs

If you have a product or SAAS, you do need good step-by-step walkthroughs to encourage consumption and thus retention. Adobe Voice makes that a piece of cake.

4) Jazzed Up Presentations

Death to Powerpoint, as they say. Instantly sex up your presentations with some personalised video content.

Now for some some cooler methods you may not have thought of…

5) Video Proposals

Take what works in paper for your proposals and translate it into video. 63% of prospects prefer video anyway, so take advantage of that preference. When the absorption rate goes up, the conversion rate also will do so as well.

6) Resume Video Infographics

In 2013, Did you know 1 in 10 resumes received by HR personnel were in infographic form? When you convert your resume infographic into a video, you can further stand out among the standouts.

7) Motion Infographics

Infographics used to be the best link bait although now the space is saturated.  The world demands further excellence in order for your infographics to be read and spread. With Adobe Voice, you can put your infographics in video form — minus the insane expense.

Eager to find out more? Go and download Adobe Voice from the App Store today.