The recent report by Christopher Heine for ADWEEK on digital marketing includes some intriguing yet fascinating facts about how large companies follow the money!

This is a must-share for everyone who aspires to learn how the big dogs are harnessing their online marketing skills.

Now let’s begin! Drum roll please.

Nike makes a huge swoosh in the digital marketing scene
Nike makes a huge swoosh in the digital marketing scene
  1. Analytics will get 11% of the marketing budget by 2018.

    This will be up by 6.4% compared to how much companies are allocating for analytics as of today

  2. Mobile Advertising will triple in the next three years.

    The mobile platform surely has a promising future.

  3. Nike has boosted its Instagram following by 8 million in the last 10 months.

    That is after their latest Swoosh video was released.

  4. More brands will follow Nike’s footsteps.

    Mashable reports that Cowen and Co. analysts say the Facebook owned mobile app will generate $5.8B by 2020.

  5. Shopping Ads garnered 20% of clicks on Google in the last quarter of 2014

    That is probably the reason why Facebook launched its own Ads services.

  6. Personal finances app Acorns got 20% of their total downloads from Twitter in first 90 days.

    That’s the power of social media in terms of achieving marketing goals.

  7. 58% of marketers purchased native advertising in the past year.

    Content is indeed still king!

  8. 83% of Americans with an annual household income of $250,000 bought luxury goods online.

    Online marketing is a thriving business!

  9. Ibotta solved the mobile marketer’s problem of consumers deleting apps by giving them money.

    The shopping driven company offered tons of rebates and promotions that prevented users from deleting or ignoring their app.

  10. 83% of the younger generation takes their moral and cultural sensitivity lessons from ads by brands they see online.

    Do you marketers get the hint?