Lauren Dugan wrote a fantastic piece for SocialTimes on “10 great ways to increase your Twitter followers for your business“. She reminds us that branding, content, networking, campaigns, promotions, etiquette, and management should still be considered alongside building your audience.


Get those Twitter Followers Now
Get those Twitter Followers Now

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Photo by Joe Lazarus

Here are the 10 Tips:

  1. Follow others. The more accounts you follow, the more accounts that may likely follow you back.


  1. Purchase ads. This is the faster way to get ahead of the pack.


  1.  Use search. You can get more potential followers this way. Try searching for local connections, business connections, and the experts in the industry.


  1.  Update your business cards. Add your Twitter handle to your business card.


  1. Tell everyone. Tell everyone you know about your Twitter account. Use and link your accounts from different platforms with your Twitter account.


  1.  Use hashtags. Using hashtags will enable your shouts to be seen by a wider audience and not just by your followers.


  1. Host a Twitter chat. Hosting a Twitter chat at least once a week speeds up your popularity meter and most probably, those people who have participated in your hosted community chat would be following you.


  1.  Offer a giveaway. Giving incentives wouldn’t be a bad idea. This would draw more people to follow you.


  1. Add a Twitter widget to your website. This will show your visitors that you have an active twitter account and they can follow you in a single click.


  1.  Retweet others. Reach out to others by retweeting your content. They may give you a quick follow as gratitude.

Remember that you really have to socialize in order for people to know you and your business. Twitter is a good platform to mingle and get to know more people; at the same time letting others to know more about you too.

Read the full article to get more Twitter tips here.