Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Philadelphia is a notable example which shows you can include compassion even if you are looking for profit. For a dollar, you can pre-purchase a slice of pizza for any homeless people who comes into the store.

The owner, Mason Wartman left a Wall Street job to open up his new business. According to him, the pay it forward program started when a gentleman entered his store and offered a homeless person a slice of pizza. He then gave Mason a dollar for the next homeless person that enters the store. After that Mason ran out to purchase a bundle of post-it notes and placed them near the counter. He then told more people about it; all of whom supported the idea.

A couple of days later, a homeless person came into the store and redeemed the first coupon. By word of mouth, news spread, the post-its were filling the walls of the store and more homeless persons got their famished stomachs filled.

Over 10,000 slices have been given to the homeless since. This heart-warming example of compassion shows how we can change the world, just by doing simple things.

Want to donate pizza or learn more? Check out Rosa’s website:

Humanity FTW: The Pizza Shop That Pays It Forward