It is time to present the latest interesting facts about social media. This data compilation was presented by Ben Brausen in his TopRank blog.

The facts he presented were both fascinating and educational, so it would be a bad idea to ignore them.

latest Social Media Stats
The Latest Social Media Stats


  • Social networking comprises 28% of the total time online.
  • Facebook (24.63%) leads social referral traffic among all platforms.
  • Social media is the most public yet least popular channel for customer service.
  • Social media garners 1/3 of the total referral traffic.
  • Budget for 80% of Digital marketing companies will need to increase in the next 1-2 years.
  • Pinterest will be broadening its data pool.
  • Twitter is still bigger than Instagram after spam accounts were deleted.
  • Facebook reaches 1.39B monthly active users, half are mobile-only.
  • Pinterest is pushing ads into home feeds.
  • Google Analytics new feature allows monitoring of AdWords performance.
  • LinkedIn revenue hits $500M last year.
  • Less than 50% of users do not trust social media for news.