ads manager app fb
The Ads Manager by Facebook allows you to manage your Ads on the go.

The mobile platform is the way of the future. With mobile devices and internet getting easily accessible among a huge number of people across the globe, advertisers are targeting mobile owners for their business promotions. With over 2 million businesses using Facebook as one of their campaign platform, the social media giant takes this opportunity to again lead the pack with their latest innovation—Ads Manager App.

The Ads Manager App enables both the advertiser and consumer to monitor current ads or create new ones. This would also enable the marketers to conveniently manage their ads on the go.

Using the app on their mobile devices will give the advertisers the following options:

  • Track ad performance
  • Edit existing ads
  • Edit ad budgets and schedules
  • Receive push notifications
  • Create ads

The Ads Manager App by Facebook is currently available for IOS and projects the Android release to be later this year.