What is this 3rd platform technology?

How does 3rd platform technology reinvent or change the way businesses are conducted?

An article written by Andrea Goldberg for Biznology showed some really interesting insights about 3rd Technology platform—something a layman may be unfamiliar with. Here are some of the juicy bits about the article which are really eye-openers for business owners and innovators out there.

3rd technology platform includes:

  • Mobile
  • Social
  • Big data

Comparing this platform with other technology innovations, 3rd technology platform is consumer driven. This means that the innovations from this platform will transform communications, commerce, organizations, and it will also enable social business to enter the mainstream.

internet of things

According to Goldberg, those great innovations in technology that we have seen last year are just the tip of the iceberg. The Cloud hype, the introduction of devices that are part of the “internet of things”, and new mobile devices from Apple are just previews of how the new innovations in technology could affect traditional and online businesses in the years to come.