Your website may have everything that is needed to ensure a successful sale. You may have followed all recommendations and tips from the experts, yet, you may have the feeling that your company still lacks the compelling and well-known branding experience visitors may be looking for.

Branding may seem like an insurmountable task…but I have to say that it is all worth it. Through word of mouth, a level of success can be achieved— something that you cannot get from any other source.

Pulkit Rastogi presented an interesting article about tips on how to build loyalty and recognition. He mentioned 6 great tips that would help you in branding your company.

6 Ecommerce tips

1) Show Your Core Product category

Focus on one product that you feel would carry your brand.

Your core product category is the category in which your brand offers the best-in-market product or solution. This category is your brand’s birthplace.

2) Enhance the Perceived Value

Perceived value means the presentation of your product in which your customer would see how much it is worth just by looking at them. This will help you increase sales. You can invest in high-quality photography for this. Formulating great product descriptions will also help.

3) Create an Emotional Shopping Experience

Connect with your customers on an emotional level. Here are examples as presented in the article:

Intrigue: This involves creating a compelling identity (i.e. a quirky logo, typography, colors, shapes and other graphic elements) and marketing messages to increase customer curiosity.

Desire: Create compelling editorial content to inspire your customers to be an active part of your brand. This means creating a lifestyle persona associated with your brand that appeals to your target customer.

Trust: Provide your customers with a high-level of trust and comfort via security badges and secure checkouts. You can also generate trust by being as transparent and honest with your customers as possible in your brand narrative, product reviews, customer stories and press mentions.

 Fear: Allow your CTAs to create a sense of urgency for your products, brand news and more. Use email newsletters to announce flash sales, helping to build your email list as well as generate repeat purchases. The fear you are generating here is simply FOMO, or the fear of missing out.

Surprise: Add an element of surprise to your website’s shopping experience in any way possible. Many sites use their 404 pages to showcase their brand personality

4) Choose an Enemy

Choosing an enemy is just another way of saying “Have a purpose.” In essence, know what you are fighting for, what it is you are trying to change, and encourage others to become part of your mission, too.

5) Be Consistent

You have to provide your customers a consistent experience throughout all possible touch points. Doing so will not only increase your brand recognition, but also your perceived value in terms of trust, quality and commitment.

6) Be the Face of Your Brand

Be the show-runner of your company. Engage with your audience. Be the face of your brand.

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