Interactive Content will be the Standard of the Future.
Interactive Content will be the Standard of the Future.

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Interactive content is the most promising form of content this year. Passive types of content like webcast, webinars, eBooks, reports, and blog posts are designed to be used passively. With interactive designs, your content will be augmented and invigorated with life as your audience will be able to interact with your interactive content in real time.

Scott Brinker wrote in his blog in Copyblogger how he feels that interactive content may be the most exciting marketing tactic for 2015. He has a great point, and marketers and companies alike can learn a lot from the rich content from his blog. He said that by designing your site in such a way that audience can participate with the content, it will give the feel of a smartphone app; something that is timely with the new technologies that are sprouting around us.

Here are 3 reasons why you should use interactive content:

Reason 1: Interactive Content Grabs and Hold your Audience


The attention span of the audience of today gets shorter and shorter. This is the reason why marketing content should immediately grab their attention before they leave. Having the audience interact with your entertaining and engaging content increases their chance to stay and ultimately become a regular on your site.


Reason 2: Interactive Content is a Two-way Form of Learning


Our audience would learn about what is our site all about; at the same time, we could also learn a lot of things based on the feedback that we receive. It would provide an experimental form of learning.


Reason 3: Interactive Content Provides Rich Data


With interactive content, we could learn a lot of information about our potential clients. We could learn what kind of materials they are interested in, we can correlate the data from all participants, and we can develop new strategies in marketing based from the data collected.

Interactive Content definitely shows a lot of potential marketing-wise. And, content surely isn’t boring when our audience can do a lot of things when they visit a website, right? What do you think?