Mobile SEO is the “next big thing” as far as search engine rankings is concerned. With as much mobile devices as there are human beings in this planet, the importance for digital marketing players to prioritize mobile SEO in their marketing strategies can no longer be ignored.

In a feature for SiteProNews, Tina Courtney Brown presented some tips on how to dominate the mobile SEO race. She emphasized the necessity of developing a substantial mobile SEO strategy. Mobile searches have exceeded the desktop search since late last year. With the web becoming more multi-faceted and people’s behavior shifting as a result, strategies in the concept of search engines also need to be adjusted.

The Race is on for Mobile SEO Dominance
The Race is on for Mobile SEO Dominance

Here is what she says:

Tip 1: Keywords Are Still Critical

Optimizing content and keyword relevance should always be emphasized. Determine your target audience and zoom in to whatever the demographic searches for.

Tip 2: Less is More

Mobile screens are significantly smaller and your audience is usually on the go. Here are the key points to remember:

  • Keep your design simple
  • Make navigation effortless
  • Use clear calls to action

Tip 3: Load Times Must be Turbo

Download speeds are ranking factor for mobile. Loading time must be less than 5 seconds.

Tip 4: Ensure Redirects Are Properly Working

Test all content after uploading it using a mobile device. This is to ensure you can experience what your audience actually see when they visit your site.

 Tip 5: Cater Keywords to Mobile Searchers

Conversational searches and long-tail keywords are usually used on mobile devices. Mobile users are also often seeking local results. Use this information and fill your content with keywords that are localized in nature.

 Tip 6: Ads Drive Awareness

Include search advertising in your budget. Exposing your brand in search advertising will push your recognition level significantly.
These are great tips to remember for companies in the formulation of their mobile SEO strategies. The gate to the future of SEO and Digital marketing has been opened. It is high time to get our tickets ready.