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Kris Kluver had the opportunity to present a webinar titled “How to Effectively Use Social Media for Recruiting, Brand Awareness and Lead Generation” for Entrepreneur’s Organization Global members. It isabout how social media can help their businesses.

According to Kris, the webinar was filled with a lot of interaction from the audience. As the basics of social media were covered all throughout the presentation, the questions from the engaged audience also poured in.

In his article for AlleyWatch, Kris has compiled 5 questions you do not know about social media that you are afraid to ask.
Here are the questions with the corresponding answers:

  1. What’s the best way to “be in the conversation” with customers–e.g. when we spot someone sharing their experience with our brand via social media?

Initially, the best thing is to get caught listening/monitoring. This shows you value the customer, their opinion and your brand. Often a simple “thank you, we value you as a customer” type of thing that is then seen by everyone in both your feed and theirs can be enough. If a customer comment is negative, ask to take it offline and address it with a phone call.

  1. How important is brand image when putting together a social media strategy? Does our brand on our website need to be a priority?

It would depend on your goals, but in all likelihood it is 100 percentcritical. If you are a healthcare provider and your Facebook shows people doing tequila shots, it is likely not promoting the brand in a positive way. A unified strategy, voice and tone are critical across all marketing platforms.

  1. How effective is it to get content from other sources?

This can be very effective. Always cite where it comes from and verify it is consistent with your beliefs. This content helps you become the resource for this topic—a place people can trust.

  1. How long should a blog post be if we post 10-15 times a month?

Our average blog is around 600-800 words. Google keeps adjusting and trying longer and shorter forms, but this seems standard. When in doubt, make it a great piece and worry less about the length.

  1. I think consumers have become aware of “this is selling.” Do you expect that, like print marketing/TV advertising/radio, people will become immune to “crafted content?”

My answer is yes, if the content really is crafted selling. If, however, the content is focused on what that target community really wants and values, newly created and curated, I believe it will be effective for many years to come. But if it feels like a sales pitch, they will opt out in a flash.

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