Campaign development is not just for medium to large scale businesses. It is possible even for small businesses to formulate campaigns and strategies that would aim to develop brand awareness.

Digital marketing campaigns and strategies have proven that they are indeed effective due to the advancements in technology and programs. These advancements give the opportunity to be able to detect the browsing of consumers in real time.

Melissa Thompson compiled the best practices that small businesses use in generating brand awareness in her article for Small Business Trends. This is a very useful guide especially for starters out there.

brand awareness

These are the 5 ways for marketers to generate brand awareness:

1. Company Branding: Refocus Your Logo to Better Reflect Your Business

Start with establishing a good business logo for your business. Create a logo that encompasses everything that your business and product is about.

2. Audience Targeting: Segment Your Branding Efforts to Those Who Fall Within Your Target Market

Identify your target audience and mold your every promotion to earn recognition from a specific group of audience.

3. Search Retargeting: Establish Brand Recall Among People Already Searching for a Specific Product or Service

You can accomplish this by using specific keywords that your target audience would probably use.

4. Retargeting:  Boost Efforts Among Those Who Already Possess Preliminary Brand Awareness to Drive Further Consideration

Develop a good campaign for people who already have an idea about your brand. Try to increase their interest and further consideration. Once you get their full attention, this would mean you had started to gain their trust at least.

5. Creative Optimization: Tailor Your Creative to Match Your Branding Objectives

Tailor a good message that truly represents your brand. Make sure that your message and brand objectives are matched.

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