The Generation Y, also called “Milennials” possesses unique characteristics in terms of their perspective towards marketing ads and brand promotions. Unlike the generations that preceded them, they are online most of the time and are interacting with brands through social media through countless of devices.

Michael Brenner reports the survey results of his company, NewsCred; that 47% of Milennials open up communications with companies. 62% of the group also agreed that things they read about the company online makes them feel connected and loyal to its brand.

Millenials Know Their Brand
Millenials Know Their Brand


Here are some of the characteristics Milennials exhibit towards marketing materials presented to them:


  • They listen and are receptive.

  • They are willing to engage and they know that when they do.

  • They know if the company is showing consistency or otherwise.

  • They reciprocate the commitment that is showed to them.

  • They respond more positively to brand messages that are tailored to their culture and their unique everyday problems.

  • They share on social media messages that they can relate to.

These characteristics are signals for marketers to consider when developing marketing strategies to attract the millennial generation. The marketing strategies should be able to establish relationships, provide knowledge, gain trust, and most especially show authenticity.

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